About Us

The company was established in March 2006 by a group of Vietnamese Americans engineers and entrepreneurs who have had many years of experience in the high-tech industries and contract manufacturing business in the Silicon Valley area of California, USA. Viet Empire's goal is to provide high quality/low cost contract manufacturing and electro-mechanical assembly services to customers worldwide.

The 2,500m2 factory, in a 4,500m2 lot, has a total of 4,000m2 floor space, with 1,200m2 of semi-clear room on second floor for high tech assembly. The machinery assembly factory is 11 meter high, equipped with a 10-ton crane. Viet Empire has a workforce of 70 employees, including more than 50 capable engineer and technical support personnel.

Factory has 4000m2 floor space.


Viet Empire's factory is located near Saigon High Tech Park in District 9 of Ho Chi Minh City. Factory has 4000m2 floor space.


The 11 meter-high factory with 10-ton crane.


Machining factory has CNC mills and lathes.

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